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New Pick & Place Builds Prototypes or Short Runs In-House with Precision and Speed

Built upon the same architecture as Manncorp's popular MC Series of SMT pick and place machines, the new MC-400 is specially designed for startups, product development labs, and contract manufacturers that need to build prototypes or short runs in-house, with high-precision and quick turn-around times. The MC-400 can also be viewed as a long-term investment in pick and place capability for when volumes increase, as feeders, software, and accessories are fully compatible with the other members of the MC family.

Utilizing both flying and bottom vision, the MC-400 aligns and places 0201 chips, BGAs, CSPs, and 15 mil fine-pitch QFPs with ±0.05 mm placement accuracy at speeds up to 3000 cph (2500 IPC-9850). Key to the MC-400's exceptional precision are its rugged, heavy-duty construction, for which the MC Series is well known, and closed-loop, servo-driven, X, Y, Z, and theta axes, complemented by high-resolution digital encoders.

Even at its full capacity for 64 individual smart tape or stick feeders, the MC-400 maintains a maximum placement area of 415 mm x 320 mm (16.3" x 12.5"). A wide variety of feeder options are also available for waffle trays, cut strips of tape, and other components used in small quantities, and a semi-automatic mode even allows pick-up and placement from loose component feeders.

Windows®-based software features programming via CAD data import or dual teaching cameras, and virtual PCB simulation for program verification. A vast library of component and vision data includes all common package types and sizes, and links to smart feeder data and optimization tools for easy setup and inventory control. Patterns of dots or lines for solder paste or adhesive are also linked to the component library for use with an optional dispensing head. As the need for greater throughput increases, valuable program data is directly transportable to all other MC Series equipment.

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