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Upgraded CAM Software Offers New Toolpath Solution for Steep/Shallow Milling of Complex Part Geometries

DP Technology Corp. has released ESPRIT® 2017, the latest version of its pioneering flagship product. ESPRIT 2017 delivers a smarter, simpler, faster machining process with expert toolpath, streamlined user control, and accelerated processing power.

ESPRIT 2017 features a new 3-axis Global Finishing cycle that provides a comprehensive solution for steep/shallow milling of complex part geometries. Global Finishing optimizes machining by applying the most appropriate toolpath to complex parts based on an analysis of the model and a single threshold angle.

Z-level cutting passes are applied to steep areas and boundary offset passes to shallow areas using a sophisticated logic that gives priority to continuity of toolpath between steep and shallow areas for smoother finishing. A timesaving option constructs tool path to machine over openings and holes in the CAD model without stopping or retracting the tool.

A redesign of ESPRIT facing dramatically reduces the number of steps needed to face a part. Up-to-the-minute intelligence about the shape of in-process stock is now built into facing, pocketing, and contour milling for faster, more reliable programming.

The stock automation engine inside ESPRIT 2017 underwent a refactoring to drastically reduce calculation times from minutes to seconds for facing, pocketing and contouring operations. The same refactoring was applied to ESPRIT's 3-axis roughing to compute in-process stock in dramatically less time, even on complex parts.

Awkward profiles in wire EDM parts are now cut more efficiently with new support for open profiles in EDM pocketing. When a profile is interspersed with small or oddly shaped openings, the wire can be programmed in ESPRIT 2017 to ignore those openings for a simple slug drop, then followed up with precise no-core pocketing that burns away only the small pockets of material that remain.

Advancements in ESPRIT's ProfitMilling™ technology improve performance inside closed cavities for better chip evacuation and coolant access, and faster attainment of the programmed feed rate. Lathe contouring has even more options for accurately positioning the tool edge along walls, at the start or end of cutting passes, and between walls. Lathe programming enhancements are particularly advantageous when contouring with round or grooving inserts.

A bevy of enhancements to 5-axis swarf milling has improved its responsiveness to a wider range of unusual part shapes for smoother, more reliable machining. Automatic machining over gaps in surfaces, reliable pass extensions along ribs, and smoother positioning of the tool along walls with irregular borders eliminate the time-consuming process of creating extra geometry on complex 5-axis parts.

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