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All New 20 Ton Utility Hydraulic Press Perfect for Small Fab Shop

Dake Corporation has introduced the F-20 Manual Utility Press. This 20-ton hydraulic press brings a hardy yet affordable press option to the market. Features include a 2-speed pump for fast acting pressing power and a traversing head to adapt to different size work pieces.

Performance and Quality

The Dake F-20 hydraulic press is designed to bridge the gap between small low capacity devices and large-scale machinery. In simple terms, this press is larger and more flexible than a bottle jack yet smaller than heavy-duty production size machinery. The F-20 is a perfect fit for any small fabrication shop or a home garage workshop. Customers can achieve the same great performance of a Dake press without high initial investment.

Customers can also expect the same quality construction from the F-20 Utility Press as any other Dake press on the market. Made with a heavy steel frame, adjustable table, and traversing head, this hydraulic press can adapt to many different work pieces and applications.

Designed to withstand 20 tons of pressing power, the F-20 offers more capabilities than its 10-ton partner model. An 8" stroke is a step up from alternatives in the marketplace. However, the most impressive component to this hydraulic press is the 2-speed pump that allows faster ram advance than other presses in this price range on the market. Rounded out with table plates, pressure gauge, and a step nosepiece, customers are sure to be impressed with the F-20 Utility Press.

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