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CAM Software Module's Multi-Clamp Function Cuts Time Needed for Tool Changes

Faster production and less work required are now possible with the new Vectorcam multi-clamp function.

Through the simultaneous clamping of more workpieces, whether on a table or on a tower, the runtimes on the CNC machine can be reduced and enhance the efficiency of the production.

The new integrated module automatically generates complete machining on different reference points such as G54, G55 or G56 based on a programmed workpiece.

After replicating the job list, the program automatically produces the raw parts for the machining per workpiece as well as the particular processes on the defined reference points. The process is performed per tool and is sorted into the job list.

As a consequence, the user has the benefit of a shorter processing time, rapid tool changes and longer unmanned production on the machine.

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