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ERP Software Instrumental in Turning One-Man Shop into Multi-Million Dollar Operation

Precision Products credits its ERP system for playing a key role in its tremendous growth over the last 43 years. The software has provided the Indiana machine shop seamless, instantaneous access to information, wireless and paperless support for personnel, and easy insertion of barcoding into operations.

Since 1974, Precision Products Inc. of Greenwood, Indiana has grown steadily from a one-man operation to a multi-million-dollar business serving numerous Fortune 500 clients worldwide. This growth was spurred by the dedication to being seen as far more than a machine shop or manufacturing facility by high-level customers representing the homeland security, industrial maintenance, automation, tooling and contract machining industries.

Beginning as a one-man, 400 sq. ft. operation in 1974, Precision Products has grown into a multi-million dollar operation, with manufacturing facilities in Greenwood, Indiana.



Today, the company offers services and products ranging from the design and build of remote mobile showers to the repair and maintenance of mechanical, electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems.

Over the past four decades, Precision Products has specialized in combining innovative ideas and technology with next generation solutions that reduce costs and labor, while maintaining the strictest quality standards. As a result, the company invested in Epicor ERP after researching numerous alternatives that were good for warehousing, but not the manufacturing side.

Achieving New Levels of Responsiveness

"We want to be on everyone's speed dial for fixing problems," said Bruce Palmer, vice president and owner, Precision Products. "That means responding to client requests with a level of immediacy that no one else can match. This is an area where Epicor excelled."

Palmer continued, "Epicor ERP was so much stronger on the manufacturing side that we believed it would help us better promote our tooling business and fulfill all orders. Plus, we wanted a software package that would never outgrow our company and always be updatable. I can honestly say Epicor has been consistently one step ahead of us, providing far more support than we needed or expected."

Seamless Instantaneous Access

According to Palmer, Epicor has solved numerous problems by offering seamless, instantaneous access to information that plant personnel can look up anytime from anywhere they want. For instance, Palmer is constantly approached by long-time customers asking specific details on purchases made years in the past.

"Our clients are amazed that we not only have better databases than they do, but can retrieve data so quickly while on a call. This has given us an exceptional competitive advantage, which in turn helped us foster nearly 15 years of continuous growth."

Most recently, Precision Products updated to the latest version of the Epicor ERP system to offer wireless and paperless support for personnel working from workstations located company-wide, including the shop floor. Other benefits include the insertion of barcoding into operations "without any issues at all from day one" and the ready ability to train new employees on the system since "a lot of it carries forward with only subtle changes."

Staying in Front of the Curve

"It's so easy to log into Epicor remotely and access anything from customer quotes to data, pictures and inspection files," added Palmer. "I can be away for five days and not worry about coming back to a giant pile of work.

"In addition, the upgrade is even more robust than the last version of Epicor, enabling us to deliver, sort, and retrieve information with even less effort. The information is right there for anyone who uses the solution as designed. Epicor's connectivity makes it truly effortless. It provides a real comfort zone. The key for us was staying up on the technology, not ever falling behind, and keeping in front of the curve. Fortunately, Epicor was there the entire way to help us achieve all three of these goals."

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