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Automatic Pallet Changer Eliminates Spindle Downtime

Midaco's Automatic Pallet Changer is the perfect partner to your Vertical Machining Center.

The pallet changers can be integrated with new equipment or with your existing machinery.

Mounted on either the right or left side of the VMC, MIDACO's pallet changers work with your VMC to greatly reduce spindle downtime. While pallet "A" is in the VMC, being machined, pallet "B" is outside with the operator removing finished parts and loading the pallet with new parts for the next operation. Once the parts inside the VMC are complete, the pallets switch out automatically and the process repeats, virtually eliminating spindle downtime.

Pallet sizes ranging from 22" x 14" (558.8mm x 355.6mm) to 150" x 31" (3810mm x 787.4mm) with up to 8000 lb part capacity.

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