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New Software Bridges Gap Between Front Office and Shop Floor

At IMTS 2018, WireFreeCNC launched a new product called Excellerant API. Excellerant pulls data from machine tools on the plant floor, and provides the software tools necessary to understand, analyze, and sync this data with existing ERP and MES systems.

Excellerant furnishes simple yet powerful reports in real time, making data immediately available to engineers and managers. Excellerant also facilitates advanced access through common database connections, a web API, and OPC-UA.

Excellerant simplifies the collection of manufacturing data, allowing manufacturers to assess machine performance and usage quickly, accurately, and objectively. With access to real-time machine and operator data, Excellerant solves problems at every level of manufacturing -- from the plant floor to the executive suite.

WireFreeCNC (a division of Macdac Engineering, Inc.), established in 2002, offers system level hardware, software, and services for machine tool communications and data collection. Its mission is to simplify, optimize, and improve the discrete manufacturing process.

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