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Transfer Tank Recovers 2 Gallons of Liquid per Second

VAC-U-MAX Model TK is ideal for applications requiring high volume liquid recovery, with wet and dry options available as application dictates.

The unique design fills 99 percent of closed top drums at rates of up to 2 gallons per second. The unit features a single venturi, producing maximum suction and air-flow with minimum air consumption.

The Model TK offers quiet operation with no motor noise and air exhaust muffled for sound levels within OSHA requirements.

Transfer Tank Kits are available in carbon steel powder coat or stainless-steel bead blast finish. Typical applications include: parts washers, machine tool sumps, drum to drum transfer, sludge removal from finishing tanks, liquid spill cleaning including flammable liquids, hazardous liquids, spill kits, hydraulic fluids, transformer oil and wet dust collector sumps.

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