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New ER Collet Chucks Perfect for Small Diameter Parts

Phillips Precision's new ER Collet Chucks are ideal for holding small diameter parts. Two sizes are available to meet your needs: the ER-11 holds parts from .012-.312" diameter and the ER-16 collet holds larger diameter from .012-.406" and features a flanged base for added stability.

Both sizes include a through hole to add a depth stop. The collets are made from 303 stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. Collets can be used individually or in a multiple part set-up.

The ER-11 and ER-16 collet chucks can be used on Phillips quick-swap Loc-N-Load™ Plates or on existing plates with 1" or ½" hole patterns.

Inspection Arsenal® will protect your company profits in many ways:

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