Touch Scheduling Board Replaces Those Old Magnetic Boards Found in Many Shops

Henning Industrial Software (Hudson, Ohio) has introduced new additions to its Visual EstiTrack™ ERP shop management system -- enhanced releases of their Touch Scheduling Board™ and iVET mobile phone/tablet application.

Additionally, Henning Software is introducing its Visual EstiTrack™ ERP Ultimate solution. Visual EstiTrack Ultimate is an entirely new ERP state-of-the-art system completely rewritten using Microsoft's .NET and SQL Server technologies.

The latest release of Henning Software's Touch Scheduling Board has new features that allow users to flag parts that require aerospace, heat and/or ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) control to help ensure proper shop floor compliance handling.

Henning Software's Scheduling Board uses an intuitive drag-and-drop touch screen interface allowing users to schedule shop order operations, represented as cards, within and between work centers represented as swim-columns.

The Touch Scheduling Board™ is designed to emulate and replace the magnetic scheduling boards often found in shops. This planning/scheduling tool is designed to be deployed on large touch-screen monitors on the shop floor and is fully integrated into Visual EstiTrack™ ERP to make it easier for shop floor personnel to prioritize operations, view/set statuses, move operations from one work center to another and allow employees to clock in and out of shop order operations from the Scheduling Board.

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[Touch Scheduling Board Replaces Those Old Magnetic Boards Found in Many Shops]

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