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6-Spindle Gundrilling Machine Produces Lighter Camshafts

The DeHoff 1024C is a six spindle gundrilling machine used for high-volume production of automotive camshafts.

The machine is designed to gundrill a hole down the centerline of the camshaft to reduce weight. This enables a Tier 1 automotive supplier to produce lighter camshafts in large volumes for use in new high-efficiency engines.

The 1024C has a gundrilling capacity of 1 inch (25.4 mm) and a slide travel of 24 inches (610 mm). It features six gundrilling spindles on a single machine base, and utilizes adjustable tailstocks and hydraulic workpiece clamping. The camshafts are automatically loaded and unloaded using a lift-and-carry material handling system.

The machine features steel box ways and hand-scraped mating components (instead of linear guide ways and milled surfaces). This results in superior vibration damping, extended tool life, and improved surface finish. DeHoff gundrilling machines are designed and manufactured by Kays Engineering in their Marshall, Missouri, USA facility.

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