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5-Axis Desktop CNC's 50,000 RPM Spindle Produces 75% Shorter Run Times

Pocket NC announces the release of the V2-50, a 5-axis desktop CNC milling machine with a 50,000 RPM high speed spindle. The V2-50 will be available in Summer 2019.

The V2-50 is ideal for users with requirements of fast material removal rate, excellent surface finish and cutting with small tools (1/8" diameter or less).

High spindle RPM changes the game. Standard machining centers are usually equipped with spindles operating in the 6K-15K RPM range. While these machines may be much larger and more rigid than the V2, the tooling used to make a small part is no different.

A given endmill is only capable of removing so much material per cut. By increasing the spindle speed 5x over the V2-10 and most other milling machines, users can achieve runtimes up to 75 percent shorter and see a significant improvement in small tooling life.

The V2-50 has been tested on G5 titanium, 6061 aluminum, 303 stainless, acetal and machinable wax.

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