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10 Reasons Your Shop Should Use ERP Software

Having trouble getting your parts through the shop fast enough? Trouble scheduling and delivering on time? According to Global Shops Solutions, those are just two of the ten reasons your shop should try using ERP software.

1 -- Parts Move Through the Shop Faster

When you get parts through the plant faster, customers will order more and your shop will look like this:

2 -- Schedule and Deliver on Time

Efficient, accurate scheduling lets you deliver on time, manage change, and uphold promises to your customers. You can also:

3 -- Achieve 99% Quality Rating

Consistent near-perfect quality makes it easier to win more jobs and earn and maintain ISO and other quality certifications. Engineers and machinists can:

4 -- Grow Sales

ERP software provides a hidden return: sales growth from delivering a quality part on-time every time and knowing your bids are competitive, profitable, and margin-true.

5 -- Know Job Costs

When you can trust your costing process, you know how much each job costs. Fast quoting and accurate pricing brings in new customers and brings back existing ones.

6 -- Maintain Accurate Inventory

Knowing jobs are never late from lack of materials or more expensive than they should be reduces risk. Precise inventory management looks like the following:

7 -- Control Labor Costs

With ERP, shop floor operators can log on and off jobs and job sequences without leaving their work stations. Collecting time and performance metrics becomes fast, efficient, and accurate, which allows you to reduce and control your labor costs.

8 -- Great Customer Service

ERP lets you go beyond merely upholding promises and stay one step ahead by anticipating customer needs and having all the information you need when they ask.

9 -- Competitive Edge with Technology; Easy Customization

ERP technology lets machines, systems, and devices do much of the work employees used to, allowing them to focus on decisions, thinking, and improving the business. Customize into the system what is special about your manufacturing. With Global Shop Solutions ERP, you can:

10 -- All Company Data in One System; Always Accurate

Make better decisions and manage proactively based on data you can trust to be true. Know right away when something critical happens in the business, like a new deal, completed shipment, or accounts paid.

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