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Sinker EDM Offers Job Shops a User-Friendly, High-Performance and Competitively-Priced Solution

Makino's EDGE2 Sinker EDM provides an ideal mix of machining capabilities and user-friendliness in a compact package for Die/Mold, Job Shop, and Production applications.

The machine features a programmable 3-Sided rise & fall work tank that provides unobstructed ergonomic access to the work zone for easier part setup and includes an 8-Station automatic tool-changer (ATC) to extend unattended operation.

The EDGE2 supports robotic automation for even greater machine utilization and is standard with important critical safety features such as the Flame Sensor and Fire Extinguisher systems that are integrated directly into the machine control.

The machine features Makino's proven MGH6 control and provides conversational visual programming of the machine through the MPG (Makino Program Generator) function and utilizes Makino's SuperSpark 4 and IES (Intelligent Expert System) adaptive control technologies to boost productivity while ensuring excellent part accuracy with fine surface finish.

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