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Tool Holders Target Coolant for Better Chip Control and Surface Finish

New additions to JETI (Jetstream Integrated) tooling from Seco Tools eliminate coolant-through tooling and connector interference that hinders grooving, parting-off and other turning operations.

With interference-free internal coolant capabilities and the option to switch the underside stream channel on and off as required, these expansions to the range of MDT (Multi-Directional Turning) X4 (grooving and parting-off) and 150.10 (parting-off) tool holders add operational stability and reliability while they improve surface finishes.

To optimize machining, chip control and process reliability, Jetstream Tooling® aims high-pressure coolant directly into the cutting zone through internal channels in the tool holder.

Unlike other tool holders, Jetstream Tooling® Duo incorporates upper and lower cooling channels, with the ability to activate the underside stream as needed. Side and back coolant connections enable these holders to function on machines with conventional coolant supplies.

Jetstream Tooling® provides application flexibility and the productive convenience of coolant delivery without external hoses, fittings and spare parts that can diminish productivity and raise costs. Square-shanked MDT, X4 and 150.10 holders are available in 20 mm x 20 mm and 25 mm x 25 mm sizes. MDT holders accept inserts in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm. 105.10 holders accept 15-size blades.

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