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New Control for Gundrilling Machine Perfect for Job Shops

Every new Eldorado gundrilling machine now features an updated operator control panel. While still using a PC-based system featuring Beckhoff controls, both the hardware and software have been improved with job shop operators in mind.

The display screen has been enlarged to 7 inches, which allows for larger graphics and easier-to-read menus. Touchscreen capability has also been added to improve menu navigation. Large pushbuttons have replaced the keypad, which makes the control panel more durable and easier to use in a shop floor setting.

The new control also features CNC G-Code programming capability, which allows the customer to write their own gundrilling programs. This improves machine flexibility with options like variable feeds & speeds, drilling peck cycles, dwell times, and many other basic G-Code capabilities. A simple USB connection for an external keyboard makes it easy to quickly type new G-Code programs while standing at the machine.

For shops with older Eldorado machines, the new control is available as a retrofit package. Eldorado gundrilling machines are designed and manufactured in the USA by Kays Engineering.

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