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Heavy-Duty Industrial Vacuum Reels Mount Anywhere -- Floor, Ceiling or Wall

Hannay Reels recently introduced four new series of industrial strength vacuum reels. The VAC4000, VAC900, VACN900, and VAC2900 are designed specifically for shop vacuum applications, car detailing and general industrial vacuum needs.

The reels are constructed of heavy-duty steel to ensure they hold up in extreme environments. These reels handle up to 50' of 1-1/2" or 2" ID vacuum hose and are available in manual or spring return to automatically rewind hose. With the exception of the VAC4000 Series, all of these reels allow for different mounting options: floor, ceiling or wall.

"While our reels provide dependable coverage to a variety of industries, we're excited to be rolling out more vacuum reels options to better serve the automotive and industrial fields," said Jennifer Wing, Marketing Manager at Hannay Reels. "Our customers deserve reliable equipment that adapts to their needs, which is why we incorporate a variety of customizable options on every hose reel that we manufacture."

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