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Redesigned Chucks "Shine"

Up to now, industrial and product design have played a less significant role during the development of chucks at MAPAL. The focus was primarily on reliable function. As a result, the developers have gradually built up a broad portfolio that did not have a uniform appearance. To change this situation, MAPAL enlisted the help of experts from an award-winning design agency in Germany.

Carefully Considered Design Taps Potential

Not only was the appearance of the chucks to be revised, but added value to the customer was to be generated by carefully considering industrial design. Why? An ingenious design is not only a visual highlight, it also taps economic and ecological potential. Starting from this point, the product designers prepared, together with those responsible for the products at MAPAL, a new concept that is also based on function and FEM analyses.

The chucks designed according to this concept literally shine with a new brilliance. One of the elements in the new concept is the brilliant surface finish. This surface finish, produced by a specially developed polishing method, ensures that the chucks are more resistant to corrosion than in the past.

Easy, Self-Explanatory "Foolproof-Handling"

A further requirement on the new design was so-called "foolproof-handling;" that is the easy, self-explanatory handling of the chucks. Operating elements were to be quickly identified and handling information self-explanatory.

These requirements were addressed by the blue color of elements such as the actuating screw on a hydraulic chuck and by internally developed symbols that contain corresponding information -- independent of the related language.

Lastly, the shape of the chucks, their weight and use of material were studied and optimized.

The new shape addresses the requirements for the greatest possible stability with optimal usage of resources. Even the smallest weight savings on chucks have major effects that become apparent in use over the long term. Among other aspects, the lighter the chuck, the less energy is required during the acceleration and braking of the spindle.

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