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Shelf-Mounted, Press-Handling Robot Can Reach Up to 8.5 Meters

Yaskawa Motoman's new PH200RF shelf-mounted robot is specifically designed for press handling applications and can help to eliminate inconsistencies of a manual process.

A substantial payload capacity and high vibration rating offer maximum durability, and a long reach enables the robot to service press pitches from 6 to 8.5 m in length. Capable of tending several presses at once, this robot has a streamlined upper arm for easy access to parts in tight spaces and a reduced interference design, enabling close placement to machines and fixtures for better use of floorspace.

Powerfully efficient, the six-axis PH200RF shelf-mounted robot is ideal for "jigless" tasks.

Engineered with incredibly fast axis speeds and acceleration capabilities, as well as highly-functional drive systems on the S-, L- and U-axes (axes 1, 2 and 3), this robot is a smart choice for high duty cycle applications.

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