5-Axis Power Vise Now Equipped with Adjustable Center

The maintenance-free SCHUNK KONTEC KSX-C is now available in four base body lengths (330 mm, 430 mm, 500 mm, and 630 mm) and two heights (174 mm, and 125 mm).

The high-quality 5-axis vises have two jaws, which can be precisely moved by a laser-etched ruler. The clamping forces can be adjusted without tools between 4 kN and 40 kN and are measured directly on the workpiece. The vise also provides plenty of power for a safe hold even in cases with minimal clamping surfaces.

Workpieces are clamped within seconds with the help of 160° quick clamping in a vibration resistant manner and at a high repeat accuracy. Due to clamping by tension, the bending load at the base body is minimized. Moreover, the jaw guidance system and the arrangement of the clamping mechanism provide for a very rigid and dimensionally stable set-up, and therefore creates the ideal conditions for precise machining of the second side.

Fully Encapsulated

The drive and the adjustment mechanism of the 5-axis vise are fully encapsulated, and therefore protected against the ingress of chips, dirt, and coolant.

The easy-to-clean design of the vise avoids the accumulation of chips. Therefore, the KONTEC KSX-C can be seamlessly integrated into the modular system for highly efficient workpiece clamping from SCHUNK.

The clamping pins of the SCHUNK VERO-S quick-change pallet system can be used for direct mounting of the base body without requiring an adapter plate. Combined with the quick-change pallet system, the vise can be exchanged on the machine table within seconds and at maximum repeat accuracy.

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[5-Axis Power Vise Now Equipped with Adjustable Center]

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