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New Chip Blower Cleans Parts and Tables Easily

BIG KAISER has introduced a new Chip Blower designed to make removing chips and coolant from parts and machine tables fast and easy.

The Chip Blower automates in-machine cleaning of coolant and chips by delivering high-volume air flow with spindle rotation.

When not in use, the Chip Blower fits easily into any automatic tool change system for vertical, horizontal or multi-tasking machining centers. The Chip Blower can be used with automatic tool changers and programmed into a machining cycle, helping to improve machine utilization and increase productivity.

The Chip Blower complements the solid construction, fixed blade ChipFan that was introduced two years ago.

The Chip Blower is available in three different sizes all with center-through coolant for high-pressure washing.

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Big Kaiser

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