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6-Axis CNC Lathe Features Oversized Spindle; Built for Heaviest Cuts

The Tsugami B0386-III is a 38 mm, 6-axis Swiss Type CNC lathe built to take the heaviest of cuts.

Featuring an oversized spindle bore, its machining capability is 42mm material in chucker mode.

Large linear guides, a three-toggle clamping system, and extra ribbing under the spindles are just a few of the Tsugami B0386-III's engineering advancements.

This machine also comes with powerful horsepower milling spindle motors, increased ability to perform cross milling and drilling features. The eight-station driven back working block allows for maximum capability for parts with many complex features and the oversized spindle bore allows for 42mm material to be fed through the spindle using the included chucker conversion kit.

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