Mini-Mill an Ideal Machine for Shops, R&D and Model Making

KAAST Machine Tools offer a diverse and extensive line-up of machine tools from plasma cutting systems to lathes and from grinders to machining centers. The VF-Mini Mill is one of those simple and affordable machines.

With 19.6/11.8/15.7" of X/Y/Z travel and a 10,000rpm spindle, the Mini is the compact machining center is accurate and easy-to-use.

For training, tool room workshops, R&D, and model making, the VF-Mini offers a 12-position umbrella tool changer to go with the 10,000 rpm BT40 spindle.

Offering a 25.5x12" table which can hold up to 440 lbs, the Mini brings plenty of brawn to go with ±0.0004/12" positioning accuracy and ±0.0002" repeatability accuracy.

Running the newest generation of the Fanuc Series 0i control systems, these machines can receive programming at the machine via manual programming, USB, or CF Card, or ethernet. The Series 0i brings faster, more accurate performance to a wide range of milling, turning, punching and grinding applications with more standard features, more advanced capabilities and faster communications than ever before.

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[Mini-Mill an Ideal Machine for Shops, R&D and Model Making]

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