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Economical VMC Ideal for Prototyping and Short Run Shops

Palmgren's 8.5-in. x 27-in. Vertical Machining Center provides an economical solution for machining small parts.

An automatic tool changer and 8-tool magazine make the machining center ideally suited for prototyping and short run shops. This machine is valuable for shops in need of a "second-op" machine, or additional spindle where needed.

Standard features on the #9680185 include linear guide, serve-drives and ball screws on all three axes; safety switches on all doors for improved safety while machining and a central lubricating system to deliver oil to guideways and ball screws.

The machine's minimal footprint allows it to fit into small areas of a shop where a large machine simply could not go. The brain that makes the machine run lies in the Siemens 808 control. With its easy to use and intuitive interface, this control is suited to meet the needs of any level operator.

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