Solid Carbide Gundrills Designed for Medical Device Deep Hole Drilling

Star SU Single Flute Solid Carbide Gundrills are specially engineered and manufactured to meet part print requirements for medical devices and instruments with proven results in drilling the complete range of titanium and stainless-steel materials.

"In many cases, our small diameter gundrills have resulted with our product providing our customers with excellent cost savings. This was driven from tool life and throughput improvements, including several case studies that were done that resulted in doubling production capability," says Jamie Dunneback, Star SU Round Tool Sales Manager. Two examples:

"Optimization of the Single Flute Solid Carbide Gundrill manufacturing process has been a key factor, added Dunneback. We have looked at everything in the process, from selecting the appropriate grade of carbide, surface finish, edge prep and coating. All of which are essential for success in the medical sector." Other features of the gundrills:

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[Solid Carbide Gundrills Designed for Medical Device Deep Hole Drilling]

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