Castrol® Offers Free Industrial Coolant to Help Shops Get "Back on Track"

To help machine shops get their operations back up to full speed after a full or partial shut-down, Castrol is offering substantial savings to those who trial and switch to Castrol industrial coolants.

For facilities in the U.S., Castrol will provide enough free test coolant for a two-month trial in a single machine. If the customer then chooses to switch their remaining machines (minimum 10 total) to Castrol, Castrol will provide the initial fill free for those machines, too. That represents a savings of up to $4,000 on 25 machines.

The promotion leverages Castrol's sponsorship with the Roush Fenway Racing team and their driver, Ryan Newman, who returned to live racing following their own 10-week period of inactivity due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The "Back on Track" promotional offer is good on all Castrol coolants sold in the United States and is available to the end of the year.

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[Castrol® Offers Free Industrial Coolant to Help Shops Get "Back on Track"]

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