Low-Cost High-Speed Robot Ideal for Light-Duty Tasks

DENSO Robotics has developed the entry-level LPH to meet the demand for precision robots needed for light-duty manufacturing applications.

Equipment manufacturers who are new to automation and shops reinventing their product lines are among those who make up the growing market for high-quality robots that don't break the bank.

Compact and lightweight, the LPH is a 4-axis selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) built to handle a maximum payload of no more than 6.6 lb (3 kg) with a maximum arm reach of 1.3 ft (400 mm).

The robot and surrounding equipment can be controlled together according to the application through use of the high-performance controller RC8 function. The Function Block (FB) feature that supports 107 types of robot commands can be openly programmed from a PLC, allowing adjustments to be performed without needing to create programs on the robot side.

When operated routinely at the highest rated payload, the LPH has a life cycle of up to five years. For lighter loads, the LPH has a longer life cycle.

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[Low-Cost High-Speed Robot Ideal for Light-Duty Tasks]

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