Custom Flap Wheels Now Available to Meet Any Specific Finishing/Deburring Application

Superior Abrasives, LLC now offers custom flap wheels to suit specific application requirements.

Customers desiring a specific material, grit pattern, flexibility of flap wheels, mounting options, and more can obtain precisely what they need.

This customization allows manufacturers to match abrasives to their application requirements to more efficiently process the workpiece. Custom orders are available with industry-leading lead times. A fully stocked Application Engineering Lab and assistance to determine best methods and tools are available.

Custom flap wheels from Superior Abrasives are ideal for contoured finishing and grinding, deburring and finishing of tube interiors, shaping or refining contours on cast or machined parts, weld seam blending or finishing, and more.

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Superior Abrasives

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[Custom Flap Wheels Now Available to Meet Any Specific Finishing/Deburring Application]

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