Latest Roll Marking Machines Reduce Cycle Times; Help Fast Production of Oxygen Tanks

Columbia Marking Tools (CMT), announced the latest updates for their Diameter-to-Diameter Roll Marking Machines.

Since its establishment over thirty years ago, Columbia Marking Tools has continually upgraded these commercial metal bottle and cylinder marking machines with the latest technology.

Ranging in size from 14 to 81-inches in length and from 3 to 8-1/2-inches in diameter, these heavy-duty machines can mark up to 55 characters per line in either a 1/4 or 5/16-inch character size. They also offer cycle times ranging from 7 to 20 seconds, depending on the number of characters to be marked.

The Diameter-to-Diameter Roll Marking Machines have now been modified to include:

CMT has also incorporated the latest technology in light screens using an area guard. This electric fence offers a higher level of safety and helps to ensure that the operator is not injured during the movement of the marking system, while at the same time reducing mechanical guarding that obstructs loading and unloading and reduces cycle time.

The upgrades offer improved cycle time, and easier set-up, while reducing the need for the secondary marking of serial numbers or tare weights. The new design also improves safety and allows for more complex operations to be completed.

"These advances are particularly apropos right now," said Marc Steele, Marking Specialist at Columbia Marking Tools, "as there has been a huge uptick in sales of oxygen tanks where fast cycle times and extra deep marks are of the utmost importance."

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[Latest Roll Marking Machines Reduce Cycle Times; Help Fast Production of Oxygen Tanks]

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