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Vise for CMM Inspection: Perfect Clamping Force Every Time

Phillips Precision's Rapid-Loc® pneumatic vise for CMM inspection is designed to take advantage of the air at your CMM. The regulated air pressure can produce just enough clamping force to hold delicate parts or as much as 150lbs if needed.

Shops can set up repeat jobs and pass them off to an operator without fear of part influence from inconsistent clamping force. Soft jaws for the Rapid-Loc® vise can be customized to hold most any part.

Manufacturers can mount Rapid-Loc® vises on Loc-N-Load® quick-swap fixture plates for fast, accurate, and highly repeatable setups that help break inspection bottlenecks. Rapid-Loc® can also be mounted on existing CMM breadboards.

Operators can add the Rapid-Loc® Base for Metric to use with metric plates.

This vise is also perfect for robotic applications too.

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