ShopJet Offers Latest Waterjet Cutting Technology at Affordable Cost

Koike Aronson Ransome has released the company's newest waterjet cutting machine, the ShopJet®. This machine will accommodate a wide range of cutting applications at an accessible cost.

The ShopJet waterjet cutting machine from Koike uses the same foundational tabletop design as the ShopPro®, the company's plasma/oxy-fuel cutting machine. The ShopJet is ideal for cutting applications like stonework and countertops, ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to two inches thick, shearing of textiles, and more. With a repeatability of .0015 inch, the ShopJet consistently delivers clean and precise cuts.

This machine is built with a direct drive helical rack and pinion to provide ultimate performance. The ShopJet has a smaller footprint than other machines in its class, allowing it to fit into shops of all sizes.

Additional features include FlashCut Pro Series Waterjet Software, KMT waterjet systems and an Integral Diamond Eductor cutting head. This machine can be equipped with various pump options, based on the needs of the individual customer.

All Koike machines are manufactured in the United States, allowing for accessible service, parts and support.

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[ShopJet Offers Latest Waterjet Cutting Technology at Affordable Cost]

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