Partnership Produces Turnkey 3D Printing Option

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI), a U.S.-based, build-to-order machine tool manufacturer, has partnered with Multiax America, a custom designer of CNC machining centers. The partnership will allow each company to offer needed products in the additive manufacturing space.

In additive manufacturing, parts almost always have to be machined after they're 3D printed. This secondary machining process gets the part to its final dimension and smooths the surface. Whether it's a mold or a trim fixture, in the aerospace or automotive or marine industry, chances are the part requires follow-up machining.

Multiax America now offers CI's Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) machine, and CI in turn now offers the Multiax line of 5-axis routers. The result is a turnkey solution for customers that saves them time and opens them up to the service and support of two expert manufacturing companies.

"Because an overwhelming majority of BAAM-printed parts require secondary machining, we've had a goal to partner with a leading CNC machine manufacturer for some time," said Alex Riestenberg, Additive Manufacturing Product Manager at CI. "Multiax is that manufacturer. Our open-book relationship will make both of us stronger, and it will ultimately better serve the customer."

The applications that see the most success with the BAAM machine are tooling and molds for the aerospace, marine and automotive industries. 100 percent of those applications require CNC machining, and Multiax machines are perfectly suited for those operations. "Our partnership with Cincinnati Incorporated allows us to offer customers one of the finest 3D printing systems in the market today. We believe CI will have a similar advance with their customers and our Multiax CNC router systems," said Ed Gauthier, CEO of Multiax America.

A Multiax P Series moving bridge machine will live alongside the BAAM machine at the CI showroom in southwest Ohio, giving customers a look at how beneficial an additive turnkey can be. "The partnership will let both companies expand our customer bases and provide high throughput 3D/AM production systems for the emerging advanced manufacturing sector," said Joe Bockrath, Strategic Sales & Marketing Specialist at Multiax America.

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[Partnership Produces Turnkey 3D Printing Option]

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