Two American Gundrilling Companies Combine Forces -- 172 Years of Experience Now Under One Roof

TechniDrill Systems, Inc. has been purchased by Kays Engineering.

The TechniDrill brand of gundrilling machines have been designed and manufactured in Kent, Ohio since 1984. Now the machines will be manufactured alongside the DeHoff and Eldorado brands of gundrilling machines in Kays Engineering's Marshall, Missouri facility.

"Our company has a 36-year history of building high-quality gundrilling machines," TechniDrill president Patricia Kent said. "I am proud that the TechniDrill legacy will continue, and that the machines will continue to be made in America."

"We take great pride in the excellent reputation our DeHoff and Eldorado products have earned over the last half-century," Kays Engineering president Ed Kays said. "We plan to put that same pride into building and servicing TechniDrill machines and continuing their tradition of quality American-made machinery. Our three machine brands will together represent a combined 172 years of gundrilling knowledge under one roof!"

Customers can now contact Kays Engineering for new machine orders or for parts and technical support on their existing TechniDrill machine.

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Kays Engineering

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[Two American Gundrilling Companies Combine Forces -- 172 Years of Experience Now Under One Roof]

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