Universal Multi-Angle Vise Features Quick Acting Button for Faster Work Setups

Strong Hand Tools' new, updated Universal Multi-Angle Vise features the patented Quick Acting Button for faster clamping of stock.

While depressing the button, the clamping jaw's threaded stud can be quickly slid into position against workpieces for a fast clamping setup. When the button is released, threads re-engage for tightening. Pivoting Vise jaws conform to clamp materials of different thicknesses.

The two vises on the malleable cast iron fixture base swivel from 5° to 180° to setup stock at multiple angles for t-joints, angled and corner setups.

The two Vises can be removed from the base for independent use. Two extra-long, parallel mounting slots on the Vise base allow the Vise to be re-positioned as needed after mounting. (The Vise includes a total of six mounting slots.)

The recessed handle at the back of the vise provides ample clearance for the setup of lengthy workpieces and greater access for welding and grinding. Two complimentary Magnetic Blocks (1" and 2" heights) support long stock.

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[Universal Multi-Angle Vise Features Quick Acting Button for Faster Work Setups]

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