Exciting New Beveling Tool -- Never a Dull……Blade

The SP-7252F Air Mini Beveler from SP Air Corporation could be a great addition to your fabrication toolbox.

This small hand-held beveling tool can be used in tight areas. It is ideal for deburring welds, beveling edges or for counter sinking for screw heads.

The tool cuts circles with a minimum of 0.27" and material thickness of 0.1". The free speed for the SP-7252F is 23,000 rpm. This tool will bevel steel or aluminum from .0 to 1.4mm using either of two type of blades -- chamfering or radius.

For aluminum, this tool works well because it moves the debris out the front of the tool, cooling the metal as you work. The tool works using a three-blade system so you will always have a sharp blade available. New 3 blade sets are also available to replace all the blades when they are dull.

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SP Air Corporation

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[Exciting New Beveling Tool -- Never a Dull……Blade]

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