Shop Floor Management Software Quickly Identifies Possible Areas of Process Improvement

Worximity is offering an online 30-day overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) assessment for manufacturers through TileBoard, the first fully remote and frictionless shop floor management software.

Worximity's cost-effective and quick-to-deploy cloud-based solution provides real-time shop floor analytics that enable mid-market manufacturers to rapidly identify process improvement opportunities that will drive competitive position and profitability.

Worximity's new offering centers around its Smart Sensor TileConnect technology, a breakthrough, plug-and-play technology that is quick to install and compatible with any type of production machinery. The TileConnect sensor continuously collects manufacturing data. That data is instantaneously transformed into actionable information via TileBoard, allowing users to reduce reaction time and quickly prioritize corrective actions to issues impacting the variability of throughput during production.

"In as little as two weeks, our Smart Factory solution can identify quick process improvement opportunities that will generate meaningful economic gains," said Worximity's Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Yannick Desmarais. "You will have real-time visibility and insight into issues impacting your OEE, and the ability to quickly react to correct or adjust your situation."

TileBoard provides executives with the visibility and instantaneous feedback they need to keep production flowing. Managers can remotely monitor and simultaneously manage multiple machines and production lines and ensure that orders are completed on time and per production standards while maintaining safe and compliant work environments.

"In a slow, no-growth, and increasingly cost-competitive market, productivity gains are paramount, and no manufacturing company can afford to lose out in operational efficiency against its market peers," said Tim Raven, Worximity's Managing Director. "Our real-time shop floor analytics are an ideal solution for growth-oriented mid-market manufacturers seeking to drive increasing efficiencies and cost savings, and we deliver a quick ROI."

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[Shop Floor Management Software Quickly Identifies Possible Areas of Process Improvement]

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