Listen Up! Podcast Explains How X-Rays Can Help You Produce "Perfect Parts Faster"

The latest episode of Phillips Precision's "Deliver Perfect Parts Faster" podcast series is now available.

Listen to Doug Fitzgerald, Business Manager of Carl Zeiss Metrology Services, for a simple explanation of an advanced technology. Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning (part x-rays) is helping manufacturers around the world Deliver Perfect Parts Faster by performing highly accurate, non-destructive inspection of complex parts -- even assemblies of varied materials.

This unique podcast series is produced inside the walls of a manufacturing laboratory -- Phillips Precision, Inc. of Boylston, MA -- the birthplace of innovations such as the Mitee-Bite® Pitbull® Clamp, Inspection Arsenal®, Laser Arsenal® and the M5 Edge Finder™.

Click below to listen.

Phillips Precision

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[Listen Up! Podcast Explains How X-Rays Can Help You Produce "Perfect Parts Faster"]

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