Renishaw's Set & Inspect Probing Now Available on Takumi USA Machines

Takumi USA has partnered with Renishaw to be the first CNC machine tool brand to offer Renishaw's Set and Inspect app for the Fanuc® control.

Set and Inspect will help job shops of all sizes be more efficient and profitable by making it possible for anyone with a part probe to immediately add inspection probing to their process and reap the full financial benefit of probing on a machine tool.

Unlike traditional programming software, Set and Inspect is so easy to use that virtually no training is required: the software's intuitive interface guides the user through the process of creating a probing cycle, automatically generates the required machine code for the probing cycle, and sends it to the control. Due to the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) of the Set and Inspect app, even inexperienced operators can learn how to use it in 30 minutes or less and immediately create routines to increase production efficiency, decrease operator intervention, decrease scrapped parts, and decrease re-work time with inspection probing.

Takumi USA and Renishaw Collaboration

The team at Takumi USA became aware of Renishaw’s new technology in early 2020 and immediately realized the benefits.

While Set and Inspect is not loaded directly on the Fanuc control, Takumi engineers came up with a simple solution that provides a seamless integration of the app to the Fanuc control with the FOCAS 2 feature and added a tablet device to the control.

With no need to learn macro programming, the machinist can easily program set-up probing routines or inspection routines and send them to the control memory with a single button press. The results are displayed on the same screen during the cycle. They can be used to develop experience data for tooling, track changes to parts, and monitor adjustments to tool wear to determine when the cutter should be replaced.

Sophisticated Probing and Inspection Technology Simplified

With minimal training required, the operator jogs the probe into position using the handwheel, selects a probing cycle from the menu, and completes the user input fields. The Set and Inspect app does the rest -- automatically generating the required machine code for the probing cycle and sending it to the control, which significantly reduces data entry errors and programming time.

Set and Inspect can automate a production cycle by inspecting features to determine tool wear and automatically adjusts the wear offsets. Features are available to define how many parts to inspect before adjusting wear offsets, what percentage of the error to apply as an adjustment, and a function to stop production if results are out of tolerance.

This feature is now available on the Takumi H-Series 3-axis high-speed double-column CNC machines, the Takumi V-Series 3-axis box way CNC machines, and the VC-Series 3-axis heavy-duty general purpose machining centers.

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[Renishaw's Set & Inspect Probing Now Available on Takumi USA Machines]

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