New Cabinet Air Conditioners Provide Drip-Free and Maintenance-Free Cooling

Seifert Systems, Inc. introduces the SlimLine Vario Series of enclosure air conditioners that can be adjusted and set to provide only the cooling needed for a particular application.

This results in a very uniform temperature level within the cabinet. Electrical components and the cooling are significantly less stressed, enabling higher safety and longer life cycle. In addition, the condensation inside the cabinet is minimized.

The SlimLine Vario Series is designed for maintenance-free operation and models are available with internal, external or recessed mounting.

The SlimLine Vario Series has several models covering cooling capacities from 1,640 to 8,700 BTU/Hr. Operating temperature range is either -40°F to +140°F or 50°F to131°F -- depending on model.

The SlimLine Vario also manages condensate with a process that provides drip-free operation by evaporation without consuming additional power.

SlimLine Vario units have a condenser specifically designed to maintain performance without maintenance -- even in environments where dust and dirt are present. They are available in 24 V DC or 120 to 250 V AC power -- depending on model.

Housing is available in NEMA 12 powder coated steel or with NEMA 4X stainless steel cover.

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Seifert Systems, Inc.

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