Smart Glasses Allow Technicians to Quickly See -- and Solve -- Machine Malfunctions

Machine malfunctions and standstills that are not eliminated as fast as possible may become expensive for manufacturing companies. To prevent this scenario, BEUMER Group has developed the BEUMER Smart Glasses -- a pioneering product that supports users quickly and easily.

The BEUMER Customer Support technicians use them to take a virtual look over the shoulder of the customer's service technician to solve the problem together. This digital solution reduces travel times and costs.

"With the BEUMER Smart Glasses, our customers can get in live contact with our service experts anywhere and at any time," promises Christopher Kirsch, team leader of BG.evolution.

Together with their colleagues from BEUMER Customer Support and the Department for Research and Development in Beckum, the employees in Dortmund made this digital solution ready for the market. "From October 2018 to January 2019, long-term tests were carried out with various customers, including one with live testing with a long-term customer from the building materials industry. We were successful in concluding this phase," reports Kirsch.

Reduce Idle Times by Looking Over the Shoulder

If there is a problem during operation, this may easily result in production bottlenecks. In the worst case, this results in delays of day-to-day operations. "If a machine suddenly breaks down, the problem must be solved as fast as possible," says Kirsch. This is the only way for the users to save time and money. If the users are not in a position to handle this by themselves, the BEUMER Group sends their globally located technicians to prevent longer downtimes.

In addition to service technicians, Customer Support also provides qualified telephone support for trouble shooting, which is available 24/7. However, it can be challenging to successfully communicate complex problems quickly and clearly over the phone. Imagine if the customer had the opportunity to have a BEUMER technician take a quick and easy look at the problem at any time -- on-site support, without actually being there. The BEUMER Smart Glasses make it possible.

Just Put Them on and Get Started

The employee at the machine puts on the glasses and starts the BEUMER Support app via voice command. The employee transmits a service number and a pin code to the hotline, and the connection with image and sound is established. The BEUMER technician receives the same image as the customer. The technician can directly give instructions and display all relevant information in the field of vision. The employee has both hands free to follow the instructions of the expert and carry out the necessary actions.

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