Say Hello to "Athena" -- an "Alexa" or "Siri" for the Job Shop

Siri and Alexa are popular personal assistants. Now the same technology is available at your machine controls.

iTSpeex has introduced Athena, the first digital assistant to control machines on the shop floor. The universal assistant is designed to make life easier for a job shop employee.

VIDEO: Meet "Athena"

Athena can start a machine, run a program and answer questions exactly the same way other personal assistants like Siri or Alexa do.

Athena helps address the problems of skill gaps and lack of awareness for opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Athena was created with an operator in mind but it also benefits shop owners who may need to run a machine and don't have a skilled operator available.

"The whole point is to not only close some of that skills gap and bring new people up to speed faster, it also gives veterans access to more complex functionality quicker -- it's pretty neat stuff," says Jerry Rex, Chief Revenue Officer of iTSpeex.

Athena is just one example of the latest technology to make its way into manufacturing. "Machine shops today are not your granddaddy's machine shop," adds Allan DeLisle, Technical Sales Coordinator at Phillips Precision.

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Listen to Phillips Precision Podcast on Athena

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[Say Hello to "Athena" -- an "Alexa" or "Siri" for the Job Shop]

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