Watch AR-15 Bolt Machined in One Operation

Using a universal turn/mill, Eurotech machines an AR bolt in less than 4 minutes.

Eurotech's Rapido turn/mill center is a perfect machine for replacing Swiss type machines for work over 23 mm with its rigidity and horsepower in both turning and milling.

This machine is able to easily cut parts that light duty Swiss machines struggle with, like pistol barrels, connectors, hydraulics and orthopedics.

VIDEO: Eurotech's Rapido B438Y2 machines an AR Bolt in one operation with a cycle time of only 3 minutes 57 seconds. According to the company, this is the fastest super imposed sub-spindle multi-axis machine on the market.

The B438 Rapido 1.42" universal turn/mill center features a 7000 rpm main spindle, Mitsubishi 700 CNC, 2 12-station turrets, barfeed interface, C-axis, 36mm bar capacity, programmable SuperShift sub-spindle, live tooling, 2 Y-axes, and a programmable parts conveyor.

A family owned business since its founding in 1958, Eurotech has the same family running it today and machines are built in the same location -- in Brooksville, Florida.

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[Watch AR-15 Bolt Machined in One Operation]

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