Meet "Quinly": World's First Automated 3D Print Manager Allows Continuous Printing

3DQue Systems, a Vancouver-based 3D printing company, has announced the official launch of Quinly, the world's first true automated end-to-end print manager for Ender 3. It enables unattended continuous printing allowing a user to print different jobs without human interference so long as each item doesn't require a change of material or the nozzle diameter. This is impossible with any other printer.

VIDEO: Quinly for Ender 3 has begun to receive attention. Sean Aranda, known to the 3D printing community as the 3D Print General, reviewed the product in this video.

Quinly's 3D print management kit has everything needed to enable any Ender 3 series printer to run a continuous series of different prints without supervision. The print management software runs every part of the print process from starting jobs and running the variable adhesion print bed, to delivering parts with the gravity-assisted delivery system.

"This is a level of innovation never before seen in the 3D printing industry," says Stephanie Sharp, CEO of 3DQue Systems. "We believe Quinly for Ender 3 will transform the landscape of 3D printing all over the world. This product solves a number of problems, not the least of which is the ability to print different parts, without a human present, in a world that values non-contact, sanitary options more than ever."

The Quinly for Ender 3 print management kit comes with a software and hardware component. The true innovation lies in the hardware. Quinly's print bed requires no adhesives, no human manipulation, and no scrapers thanks to its Variable Adhesion and Automated Part Release technology (VAAPR).

"As the VAAPR print bed heats up, the part sticks and cannot be moved without breaking the bed," explains Sharp. "Then, when the print is ready, the bed cools down, and the part auto ejects. If you wanted, you could literally remove it with a feather. It has to be seen to be believed."

The bed is cleaned with soap and water. No solvents. In fact, even isopropyl alcohol will damage the print bed.

"Think of it like using steel wool on a Teflon pan," says Sharp. "We like to tell customers to treat your Quinly print bed like you would your underage child: no alcohol."

"I've never been able to literally blow the part off of a print bed (until now)," says Aranda. "If you're attempting to run an inexpensive print farm and earn money off of your printers, then absolutely (Quinly for Ender 3) is worth it. You can have five printers running 24 hours a day, without any human interference, for around $2,000. I think that's pretty cool."

He goes on to say that the VAAPR build plate would be a welcomed addition to any printer, not just the Ender 3.

"All in due time," says Steph Sharp. "All in due time.

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