Mount Workpieces on Edge and Off the Table with New Verti-Plate™ Perpendicular Plate Assembly

In response to customer requests, Phillips Precision has added a vertical plate option to its Inspection Arsenal® -- a truly universal and modular inspection system. Not all work is checked lying flat and now inspectors can mount work pieces on edge and off the table.

The perpendicular plate assembly is made up of two aluminum plates. The base plate is a 5/8" slotted, clear anodized aluminum Loc-N-Load™ plate that provides six positions for the vertical plate to attach.

The vertical grid plate is 6x6", ½" thick clear anodized aluminum with ¼-20 threaded holes in a ½" x ½" grid pattern. The plate assembly is available in both inch and metric versions. The metric set is 180 x 180mm with M6 threads in a 20mm grid pattern.

Modular, quick-swap inspection with Inspection Arsenal® is helping manufacturers world-wide deliver perfect parts faster than ever before. The system is made to fit any inspection equipment and is affordable, simple and effective, and compatible with other fixture systems.

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Phillips Precision

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[Mount Workpieces on Edge and Off the Table with New Verti-Plate™ Perpendicular Plate Assembly]

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