High-Tech Welding Helmets Offer Crystal Clear View with Maximum Respiratory Protection

Optrel AG has introduced 3 new series of welding helmets -- panoramaxx2.5, panoramaxx quattro and panoramaxx clt. The 3 new models are aimed at the ambitious welding professional who sets himself the goal of achieving the perfect weld seam every day.

The combination of new technology, the best possible materials and the latest research in work physiology and ergonomics enables welders to work more effectively, which in the long run means higher efficiency.

Maximum Performance with Modern High-Tech

As multi-layered and complex as the welding industry is, the personal preferences of welders in regard to health and safety equipment are just as varied. Instead of developing just one welding helmet for various applications, the new panoramaxx series focuses on an individual approach.

All models of the panoramaxx series have a maximized field of vision thanks to the patented mechanical nose cut-out. In combination with the latest filter technology and crystal clear optics, a perfect view before, after and especially during the welding process is guaranteed.

Equipped with the latest software and electronics, patented high-tech technologies such as Shadetronic® and Fadetronic enable the welder to focus on his work and allow him to work without interruption. The 5-point sensor technology and the contemporary re-charge energy concept and the perfectly fitting optrel lsoFit® headgear round out the new panoramaxx series.

Respiratory Protection Systems

Expandable with the optrel e3000X with TH3 particle filter of the highest security level, 99.8% of harmful particles are filtered out of the air. During arc welding, grinding and many other dust-intensive activities, the respiratory tract is always exposed to harmful smoke, dust and often toxic gases. Wearing a personal respiratory protection system is therefore essential, no matter how well the working environment is ventilated.

The latest technology in the areas of optics, materials and ergonomics has been combined in this series of welding helmets. A better working day for the welder; with better visibility, air and longer breath, which actively leads to more efficiency and real money for every manufacturer.

The new models are now available globally at all certified optrel dealers.

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[High-Tech Welding Helmets Offer Crystal Clear View with Maximum Respiratory Protection]

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