Machine Tending Cobot Expo Now Available on Demand

The Machine Tending Cobot Expo is now On Demand and will be available until May 26th

The expanded free virtual trade show offers:

In 2020, Universal Robots hosted two groundbreaking virtual trade shows geared to a broad range of manufacturers and industries. This year, they launched "The Cobot Expo Series '21" -- five virtual events that focus on the industries and applications most relevant for collaborative robots during these challenging manufacturing times.

The most recent on-demand online expo focused on Machine Tending applications with Universal Robots. If you need help tending your CNC, brake press, injection molding or 3D printing machine, collaborative robots can help you increase productivity, improve quality and capacity, tackle the labor shortage and improve employee satisfaction.

Cobots are also flexible enough to be moved from task to task, so they can be used wherever they're needed most on any given day.

As part of the Expo. experts from the industry share their experiences in several keynote presentations. Listen to application stories, ask questions and benefit from this concentration of cobot knowledge. They will show you the key benefits of collaborative robots in entry-level demos and explain which model and peripheral equipment suits your requirements.

Universal Robots engineers and partners are available to discuss your unique production environment and explore application possibilities for your business. Through live product demos and live chats, they will help you bring your application to life and explain how you can prevent stumbling blocks during integration right from the start.

To visit Expo, click below.

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