New Video Series Provides Maintenance Tips and Assembly Procedures on Automated Tools

Suhner Machining recently filmed a series of maintenance tip and unit assembly videos at the company's North American Service Center, housed on the campus of corporate headquarters in Rome, Georgia.

The presentation of the procedures was done by Division Manager and longtime Suhner team leader, Lee Coleman. These "hands on" demonstrations would interest any customer or maintenance personnel currently using or planning to employ Suhner automated tools in their shop or production facility.

According to Coleman, "We made these videos as the first in a series. Our goal is to help customers and trainers impart the proper procedures for maintenance and assembly of our automated drills, taps and other tools, which are used extensively in automotive and other high-volume production facilities, contract job shops and elsewhere."

The company is planning a number of videos to assist operators and especially maintenance personnel in the proper care and handling of these high-precision automated tools, many of which typically perform thousands of operations in a single shift on the production line.

These first four new videos cover the following topics on the SPINDLEmaster Max 100.

VIDEO: General Maintenance

VIDEO: Proximity Switch

VIDEO: Spring Force Adjustment

VIDEO: Flag Nut Adjustment

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