Tebis 4.1 CAD/CAM Provides Die and Mold Shops Increased Automation, Efficiency and Safety

Tebis, a specialist in CAD/CAM and MES process solutions in model, die and mold manufacturing, launches Tebis 4.1 -- a complete parametric-associative CAD/CAM system.

The latest generation CAD/CAM software provides seamless, highly automated mold, die and model design, development, programming and manufacturing in a single system. The proven software platform is built on input from in-field designers, making its logical and intelligent structure both intuitive and user friendly.

Additionally, Tebis 4.1 integrates measuring and production, resulting in shorter setup and machining time, higher component quality and fewer correction iterations. Finally, safety is improved by providing more flexibility to non-verified virtual machines to prevent potential collisions.

"Tebis has a history of helping manufacturers address challenges with proven technology, and 4.1 provides a comprehensive solution that improves the manufacturing process," said John Kowalczyk, president, Tebis America, Inc. "Our all-in-one software solution enables manufacturers to automate the design and build process, which results in better quality and improved efficiency while improving safety by eliminating potential collisions."

Key product features include:

In addition, the personalized user interface can be individually configured and precisely adapted to specific tasks and requirements and can be used as templates for company-wide standards.

"As the manufacturing industry continues to manage the chaos resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that businesses invest in technology to help improve efficiency and streamline operations. Tebis 4.1 is a solution that is available today and can have an immediate impact," added Kowalczyk.

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