Ideal CNC for Start-Ups

Thinking of starting a shop? Unless you have a ton of money and willing customers, it can be a tough row to hoe. Still, thousands have done it, so why can't you? You need a good machine, though, and if you're expecting to do any kind of production work, it had better be a CNC.

VIDEO: Kent USA Acu-Mill Series CNC Machines

Back in the day, starting a shop was easy. All it took was a knee mill, engine lathe, band saw, some tooling and micrometers, and you were off to the races. Nowadays? Most companies won't even talk to you unless you have at least one CNC.

Fortunately, a handful of good CNC machines are available that won't break the bank. One example is the ACU-MILL series of CNC machining centers from Kent USA. Three models are available, starting with the 30,000-rpm AM1 to the 40-taper, 5-hp AM8.

How about shops that want to automate their deburring and secondary operations? While the ACU-MILL vertical machining center is a good option for anyone starting a shop, it's also quite suitable for these and other businesses, job shops that need to increase productivity or part quality but might have limited budgets.

The ACU-MILL vertical machining center's features include:

The ACU-MILL is ideal for high-speed micro machining miniature parts and graphite electrode machining and is perfect for R&D, medical manufacturing, and technical schools.

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