Mate's New Zero-Point Workholding System -- "Made for Metalheads" -- Now Available

Mate Precision Technologies has begun accepting orders and shipping their new 52/96 zero-point "Made for Metalheads" workholding system. The system includes vises, bases, and mounting systems which are manufactured in Minnesota.

Over the past seven decades, Mate has designed nearly ten thousand custom workholding solutions to produce high-quality products for its global customer base. As a result, the company believes it knows what machinists are looking for in a precision workholding system. Mate's machinists and product engineers worked together to develop vises, bases, and mounting systems with a new level of innovation and quality for the new zero-point system.

Engineered to maximize holding power for 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers, Mate workholding reduces setup times and process variability, according to the company.

Mate’s workholding system includes:

The Mate 52/96 workholding system includes QuickSpecs™, Mate's unique product identification system, allowing real-time access to critical user data, CAD models, and potential integration into business systems.

Additionally, the product supports common robotic interfaces and palletizing systems to support factory automation.

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[Mate's New Zero-Point Workholding System -- "Made for Metalheads" -- Now Available]

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